Globalization: A Gigantic Deception (Dr Babu Suseelan)




For hundreds of years, western Christian colonialists and imperialists have plundered the wealth of India and other third world countries. Now these forces are back again in the name of Free Trade and Globalization. Multinational Corporations and Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCO’s) supported by western Christian nations are facilitating their activities in India, Latin America and Africa. These multinational organizations could not exist or survive without hegemonic ideologies, the same ideology that promoted colonialism. The goals of Freed Trade and globalization include: endless accumulation of profits; the commercialization of everything; introduction of extreme, capitalist, Christian culture; restructuring of society to create hierarchies of inequality; and marketing of junk goods and throwaway values in the name of innovation, fashion, change, and economic expansion. The traditional economic system is reorganized, land is commodified into property that can be owned and sold, and the economy is reorganized for capitalist monopoly. As a result long-accepted life worlds become disruptive, the real people experience culturicide, suffer human indignity.
Dangerous consumer goods discarded in the west are dumped in India in the name of Free Trade and Globalization. TCO’s are investing huge amounts of drug money in infrastructure development, commercial property and banking. It is beneficial to these corporations, extremely harmful to India. Unrestrained western style consumerism is the true source of the social and family conflicts that are tearing our country apart, because it is depleting the non-economic side of life. In the name of consumerism, it imposes costs on those least able to pay, undermines traditional family values, and promotes inequality, division, and impoverishment, not just improvement.
Globalization tends toward cultural hegemony while promoting flimsy values and consumerism that obliterate national cultures. It is causing increased fragmentation adulteration of our sacred culture.
Globalization is a trick to pollute our culture; it is intrusive, invasive, introduces excessive consumerism, materialism and destroys traditional Hindu family values. It is just another deceptive name for de-construction of Hindu society, life style and culture. In the name of globalization, multinational corporations and Transnational Criminal Organizations are strengthening their dominance in India. They are supplanting the primacy of our nation, destroy our social fabric and tradition, promote religious conversion, and introducing western Christian values. This level of conflict and crisis represent an increase over earlier level of crisis created by colonialism, communism and imperialism. Contrary to the widespread economic perception, free trade and globalization would increase and distribute wealth; it has created communal conflict and terrorism across the nations. Multinational corporations and western governments with capitalist hegemonic policies rationalize surplus extractions, wealth concentration, and political inequalities. At the same time, rich nations constraints third world countries through policies of trade barrier, restrictive economic policies, exclusion, discrimination and repression. Then it constructs myths and stereotypes that “ideologically camouflage” their exploitation of third world economy. To maintain their dominance, western governments create, sustain social and ethnic crisis in other countries. At the end of 1990s, there were 275 groups in 116 countries-representing one-fifth of world population-at risk of (a) violent conflict. Western government and missionary organizations finance ethnic groups, cultural war, open rebellion, and ethnic conflict in countries posing a threat to the capitalist civilizational project,
Under the guise of free trade and investment opportunity, Transnational Criminal Organizations are facilitating their criminal activities in India. TCO’s are moving money and goods to India taking advantage of loose tax law enforcement, relaxed rules on money flows, easy facilitation of money laundering and increased inaction of customs and security forces. TCO’s work with little regard for the safety, security, integrity and social customs of our country. TCO’s routinely corrupt our law enforcement officials, politicians, and judges and eliminate anyone they are not able to buy and who dares to stand in their way. They rely on violence, murder, kidnapping and intimidation to achieve their goals of profit taking and looting money out of India.
Globalization and free trade enabled consumers to buy useless, glittering gadgets and goods. Yet, beneath the glittering show of western goods, there is a deepening social crisis in India. Take for example, in kerala, a highly westernized state; suicide rate is the highest in the world. There is spectacular rise in all forms of crime, family breakdown, child abuse, and teenage pregnancy, widespread adoption of ruinous lifestyles and destructive behavior, and exponential growth of drug and alcohol use. Then there is AIDS, mental illness, and moral cowardice, and promiscuous behavior.
Consumerism in the name of globalization destroys our traditional economic system and makes fundamental change of direction that will tear apart our family, society and nation. Uncontrolled power of the TCO’s and the economic power of transnational corporations will destroy the organic basis of Hindu families, causing insecurity, poverty, and depletion of earnings, family connections, violence and crime. The increasing disparity between family income and what they must pay for useless consumer goods force families to borrow money from loan sharks controlled by TCO’s. Moneylenders’ size and power allow them to charge exorbitant interest and families become victims of money mafia. Overwhelmed by debt, many commit suicide. It also leads to disintegrating families, persistent poverty, and high levels of divorce, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse.
In order to regain our eternal Hindu values of our nation, we must confront consumerism and materialism imported in the name of globalization. Unless it is stopped, the importation of discarded western goods and values will soon cause irreparable damage to our society. Hindu families, which once were both economic and non-economic and they were able to instill a sense of identity and cultural values. Multinational corporations have no interest in the welfare of families and they threaten the economic security of families and the nation.
What is needed is globalization of our all inclusive, pluralistic, spiritual philosophy. This globalization of our broad, eclectic and uplifting philosophy of life is essential for the good of humanity as a whole. Hindu Dharsanas contain infallible guidelines to personal enrichment. They contain the prescription for a good family, community and a good nation. India’s best hope lies in the renewed ascendance of Hindu values. Hindus have a duty to promote and globalize Hindu philosophy of life. Today or tomorrow someone’s values are going to prevail in India. Why not ours? Why not transmit our eternal, spiritual, universal values around the globe?

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