Religion/ politics- Millennium thoughts #42

Religion is faith oriented. Religion can preach any nonsense. Religion don't have to explain why their dogma is not rational. Religion can preach that an elephant has 6 legs and priests has horns on the head. No one cares as long as the belief stays with in the religion. Religion is private property of the believer. Religion is not cosmopolitan in nature. Religion cannot or should not force the rest of the community to accept them or follow them.

Politics is different. Politics is a policy meant for the good of the people. People means all living in the geographical area. In modern days the population is wide spread and so is very cosmopolitan in structure. Political policies must be for the well being of all different denominations of religion, races- even though there is only one race, that is human race. Or no race at all. Politics being meant for well being of all the people in the area, should be in control of any religious human . Religion should never gain political power. It is an unfortunate disaster. Religion rules over politics, it is 'theo-crazy. The craziness of the religious leaders has destroyed great civilizations and has killed more humans than all the political wars in the world combined. Political power for the religion is just a ticking atom bomb ready to destroy human race.

Let us have a birds eye view of politics/ religion in India and Kerala.

Religious heads are worshiped as gods on 2 legs. They have an opinion on any and every thing associated with human life. Unfortunately most of them are ignorant. They have the support of the non- thinking / non- learning devotees. They are telling politicians how to run a government,which is meant for 'all the people'. This tyranny should stop. Religious heads power is limited to the faith/dogma of the religion. Their subjects are Buffalo, bull, cows, goats, sheep or lamps what ever you want to call them. They should not roundup their heard to fight in politics. It is a very dangerous situation; especially for the minority religions. But it is unfortunate and stupid to see the minority religious denominations are telling the government how to govern. These ignorant idiots are not foreseeing the consequences. In India and Kerala; Christians is a small minority. We can see the bishops, declaring political policies in public media-like face book. You! Ignorant ; you are leading the young in the wrong direction. What ever political upheaval you can do; can be done by another religious denomination. The end result is blood shed. So, stop the stupidity. If you are a bishop- just take care of the devotees. That is it. Nothing more.

Pathetic sight in Kerala is: idiotic preachers became billionaires by carrying bible in the armpit. Ignorant politicians imitated them. Instead of bible they have a diary.

Ha ! What a pity.

But there can be a funny ending too. If these religious leaders wants to make political policies : let us bring all religions of the country under the government. All revenue must go to the government Treasury. Let the government pay the priests and bishops as civil service employees?. This needs more discussion ?

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