Anthappan 2016-03-12 20:45:47 News

People like Andrew stands out

Because they work hard and make others vote.

Malayaaless world

Is a small world

 Begins at Church, Associations

Foma and Fokkaana

And ends in World Malayalee Associations.

They go to work do their work

Come back home don’t do any work.

Kerala politics, church Gossip

And their world is with lots of mess-up.

Hurricane, flood, Tornado nothing touch them

Because they believe God protect them.

They never take any precaution

Because they are under God’s protection.

Malayalees argue that the real politics is Kerala politics

And American’s doesn’t know anything about politics.

Malayaaless never participate in American politics

Because they believe that it is all slick

They never go out and cast their vote

Because they believe much difference won’t be made with their vote.

Hillary is a good leader

Because she has good experience of a leader.

She was a first lady, senator, and Secretary of state

And what else we need in the president of United States.

I am not worried about her money

Because I am also looking for money.

Trump incite violence

Do any nonsense

He is after, money and power

By manipulating any tower

If you don’t want Trump to be president

Then vote for Hillary and make her President. 

andrew 2016-03-12 17:50:06 News
Trump speech : get him out, get her out, get them out
that includes you too all Malayalees , Indians, ...............................
PT KURIAN 2016-03-12 13:07:03 News

I think Korason is referring to P.Sadadasivan Pillai, whi was senior to me and I used to see him

almost everyday, as he was going to practise his law.  Thanks Korason for reminding me of my

nostalgic memories of my childhood/student days.
andrew 2016-03-12 11:17:51 News
Don't be foolish to support GOP or its candidates. Think & study  Hilary can lead this country to prosperity and lead the World to peace.
Working in the field every day for Hilary.
Immigrants, learned people, peace loving people unite and vote for Hilary
Anthappan 2016-03-12 07:52:23 News

Trump thinks he can suck us

Because of his business success.

He is sowing hatred

and reaping four-fold hatred.

Those who takes the sword

Will be perished with the sword.

We need a leader

Who unites us together.

Ted Cruz is a red neck

And he will chock our neck

Rubio is a baby

And we don’t have time for his hobby

Sanders and his revolution

Is not the solution.

Hillary can lead this nation

Because she understands our emotion.   

Mathew Joys 2016-03-12 06:34:05 News
iniyoru baalyatthinu avassaram undaakumo? Yes our old generation still preserves those sweet and nostalgic memories, and our new generation can never understand any of those Graameena jeevitha sukhangal!. Thanks Korason for awakening the memoires.
Indian 2016-03-11 22:48:38 News
ഗാന്ധിയെ കൊന്നവര്‍ക്ക് കനയ്യ കുമാറിനെ കൊല്ലാനാണൊ ന്യായീകരണമില്ലാത്തത്? ഹിന്ദു മതത്തെ ദ്രോഹിക്കുന്നു എന്നു പറഞ്ഞാണല്ലോ ദേശസ്‌നേഹി ഗോഡ്‌സെ ഗാന്ധിയുടെ നെഞ്ചത്തേക്കു നിറയൊഴിച്ചത്.
സംഘ പരിവാരമല്ലാത്തവര്‍ എല്ലാം രാജ്യ ദ്രോഹി. ഇതാണോ ഇന്ത്യ 
Anthappan 2016-03-11 21:56:52 News

I also had teacher

And later he turned out to be preacher.

He always talked about freedom

I mean internal freedom.

Many people never had that freedom

Because the elite class oppressed their freedom.

When a person loses his self-esteem

It is like a train running with low steam

And later loses its steam

Racism and casts are dangerous

It will put us all in a situation so dangerous.

In India there are too many casts

And one among them is SchCast.

A person who calls himself a SchCast

is not helping to undo the system of cast.

It looks like SchCast untouchable

But if we unite we make him touchable. 

SchCast 2016-03-11 11:53:35 News

The article brings to mind multitude of profound memories from my childhood. The relationship between student and teacher was so magnificient. I happen to think that it has to do with the rich culture of 'Gurukula'. Even though those memories are marred by painful realities of 'Chathurvarna', the effervescence still makes its impact. The role of those blessed mentors in life are priceless. I think all of us who came out from that era can relate to the feeling that the author is trying to convey. There is one person that comes to mind when I was studying tenth grade in   Model HS Trivandrum. Our Math teacher, Chellayyan sir - His very name spelled D-E-V-O-T-I-O-N. Even when dealing with a hopless bunch of students, he took extra care and patience to drive in the formulae and solution tricks to each and everyone of us. I rarely saw him after my school days.. Maybe he is no more... But he still lives in the memory of his students including myself. 

Thank you Korason, for awakening the dormant and sweet memories of my childhood in Kerala. 

Anthappan 2016-03-11 09:17:58 News
Attn:  Trump and His followers 

(CNN)A man who attended Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina was arrested and charged Thursday after multiple videos posted online appear to show him punching a protester in the face and later saying, "The next time we see him, we might have to kill him."
Anthappan 2016-03-11 08:13:39 News

Be a democrat

And forget Trump the autocrat.

Trump and Cruz

Both are screwed

They are not the choice

Even of the GOP big boys

Trump cannot rule

Because he is a fool

Politics and real-estate business

There is lots of difference.

Trump is lying

About Democrats fleeing

Trump and Ben Carson

Are like arson

They will divide us

And alienate US

Carson claims Christian

But he is unchristian.

His words clashes

With the words of Jesus.

Vote for Hillary

She will be president in January?

വിദ്യാധരൻ 2016-03-11 07:36:40 News

ചന്ദപ്പനൊത്തു ഞങ്ങൾ 
ചന്തക്കു പോകും നേരം
സുന്ദരി വന്നു മുന്നിൽ 
അന്തിച്ചു പോയി ഞങ്ങൾ 
എന്തൊരു വടിവാണ് 
ചന്ദനം കടഞ്ഞപോൽ 
എന്തൊരു മുഖശ്രീയാ 
അന്തിചുവപ്പാർന്ന കവിളിണ
ചെന്താമര അക്ഷികളും 
ചെന്തോണ്ടി ചുണ്ടുകളും
പന്തുതട്ടി കളിക്കുവാൻ   
പന്തുപോലെ മുലകളും 
ചന്തിരണ്ടും തെറിച്ചിട്ട് 
ചന്തമുള്ള നട കൊള്ളാം ! 
അന്തം വിട്ടു നിൽക്കുംനേരം 
അന്തപ്പൻ വന്നു മുന്നിൽ 
ചന്ദപ്പാനെ കണ്ടോ നിങ്ങൾ ?
ഇന്തുപ്പ് എന്ത്യേ ചൊല്ല്? 
എന്ത് ചൊല്ലാനറിയാതെ  
അന്ധാളിച്ചു നില്ക്കും നേരം 
ചന്ദപ്പൻ സ്ഥലം വിട്ടു 
സുന്ദരി കടക്കണ്ണാൽ 
അന്തപ്പൻ വല്ലാതായി 
ഉന്തിയവൻ കണ്ണു രണ്ടും 
കന്ദർപ്പനായി അവൻ 
വൃന്ദാവനം പൂകിയുടൻ 
Tom abraham 2016-03-11 06:11:05 News

Only our malayalee comment writers chasing me don't open their eyes to the realities of Hillary corruption. Florida is about to finish the republican rumble, Rubio mouth, and declare the next president of a stronger America, Don Trump. I was a democrat also. Now, independent leaning to Trump. As Trump States, " get out , take him out, bye, bye " He will take the terrorist head choppers out from ISIS, and the 1.6 billion Islam world learn about the power of democracy. 

ഇന്ദ്രചൂടൻ 2016-03-10 20:21:31 News
ഇന്തുപ്പേ ചന്തപ്പ 
അന്തപ്പൻ എത്താറായി 
തലയിൽ കാഷ്ടം വീഴാതെ നീ 
ഹെൽമെറ്റ്‌ വച്ചീടു നീ 
Jack Daniel 2016-03-10 20:11:49 News
I like Kanananaya Mathai. I was just practicing the Marggam Kaly with his song.  I never missed a step everything was falling in place when I started.  But my wife says I was on the floor when she found me. People would spread lies especially your own wife she gets pissed off.